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Michael Frey

Michael Frey is 27 years old and model pilot since 14 years. He was participant at European and World Championships in F3J but decideded to quit flying F3J in 2006.

He lives in Darmstadt where he graduated in physics at TU Darmstadt. Michel is co-founder of Servorahmen GmbH and used to be its director until June 2011. This position is now filled by FLorian Kreuz.


French Fries or Sushi?

French Fries

Car or bicycle?


work or be stingy?


Umbrella or running?

I don´t own an umbrella, therefore I run

Hotel or tent?


argue or keep silent?

first I keep silent, then I argue intensively

queue-jumping or being late?

be late

Your first own CD/Cassette/record?

Michael Jackson

Your all-time favourites?

RATM, Millencolin, Tracy Chapman

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