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1. What for do I need a servoframe?

It allows you to install servos in horizontal position even if they are made for upright installation. Why glue in the servo itself when you can glue in a frame that will fix the servo with two screws? Servos can be removed in seconds without any damage to the wing.

2. Do you have a frame for my servo?

The price-list gives an overview of what is available at the moment. I don´t have any experience with servos that are not listed there. If you find out that other servos also fit our frames please let me know via eMail.

3. Is the frame thicker than my servo?

No, it´s as skinny as the servo, or even thinner.

4. How am I supposed to install the frame?

First use a rasp to abrade the lower surface of the frame. Then treat the servo with a release agent and install it in the frame. Put the adherent of your choice on the frame. Good results have been achieved with laminating resin filled with microballoons, Cyano filled with cotton, and Endfest 300.Now put the servoframe in its place and add some resin to the edge of the frame.

5. What is delivery time, shipping cost and how can I pay?

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